Sleeve Laptop Bag 14.6"

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Laptop sleeve keeps your precious computer secure and protects your notebook from shocks, scratches and bumps. High-quality material is durable. The lightweight design adds to its portability factor. Flag closure allows you to insert and access the laptop conveniently. You can easily slide your laptop into your briefcase, backpack or other bag. With the help of this sleeve bag, you can carry your notebook easily and conveniently. This laptop sleeve bag is specially designed to fit most tablet PC. This protective lightweight laptop bag is all you will need to keep your device secure as you travel.

Wrap your laptop in a snug,water proof, colorful sleeve.
The durable neoprene material helps keep your laptop safe from elements, as well as from bumps and scratches.
Easily reversible so you can change colors to suit your mood.
Ensure that your laptop is a 14" for a perfect fit...

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