Flexible Computer / Laptop USB Keyboard

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Flexible keyboards are a, springing from the wave of powerful mobile devices,such as Smartphones and tablet computers. More and more people are enjoying the convenience of having everything they need in the palm of their hands. The only missing element for some is the keyboard as typing on touch screens is not nearly as quick and efficient as typing on a keyboard. The flexible keyboard lends flexibility where it is needed and the the technology will continue to grow   keyboard generation.  With each generation of flexible keyboards, the technology just seems to get better.Many flexible keyboards come with full wireless capabilities. For the mobile user, there have been advancements to produce compact sized keyboards that have the full accompaniment of keys on the keyboard. Some even roll up so completely that they fit in your pocket.


Flexible waterproof keyboardExtremly durableLayout: German (QWERTZ), 106 keysConnector:USB A maleIncludes USB to PS/2 adapterPlug amp; Play, Hot PlugDust-, dirt- and water resistantQuiet Soft-Touch-KeysMaterial: 

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